Friday, December 16, 2011

Inglot AMC Lipgloss

No, "AMC" doesn't stand for "All My Children," it stands for "Advance Makeup Components." And there's definitely something advanced about these glosses.  I almost didn't want to put them on here because the pictures just don't do them justice!  They have this amazing iridescent, holographic effect that's just hard to describe.  They look different in every light and the effect changes based on how you layer it over lipstick or on your bare lips.  I've tried to capture the effect in pictures, but just TRUST that if you order these, you'll love them.  I bought two while on my NY trip, and I've already ordered another one (#541).

By the way, these are very slick, almost slippery on the lips (they feel slightly slicker than MAC's Cremesheen glosses).  I love the fact that they actually have GREAT staying power despite not being the slightest bit sticky!  Each gloss costs $16:

*Two notes about these pics: 1) the holographic effect just can't be seen in the pics, but it is THERE! 2) Please excuse my skin's oily, crunchy appearance! LOL, I've been trying out this tinted moisturizer by Bobbi Brown and it is NOOOOOT working out!

Swatches and other views after the break…

My bare lips…and I DO mean BARE! No chapstick, nothing! LOL
AMC #545
AMC #544

AMC #545, #544

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