Sunday, January 22, 2012

"This Little Piggy…" (Inglot Pigments)

I know…I need more pigments like I need more…ANYTHING!  But I L.O.V.E. Inglot's pigments enough that I just HAAAAD to have one.  And then another one…and then…(you get the picture).  They're vibrant, long-lasting, and I even managed to find colors that MAC doesn't have (at least that I haven't picked up).  There are still a couple on my "to-buy" list, but I started off with just 13 :)

The pigments are $14 each for 2g/.07 and, compared to MAC's pigments, they are a bit more expensive by the oz.  HOWEVER, with the upfront cost being only $14 (compared to MAC's $19.50) and considering the fact that one will RARELY use up either pigment, this isn't such a bad deal.

I love the design of the containers because I feel they are less prone to tip over because they aren't as skinny/tall as the MAC pigments.  I think the Inglot container feels so solid because it's about the same in width and height; the cylinder shape almost feels "square," if that makes any sense.  Also, the lid screws on more securely than with the MAC pigments.

Well…on to the swatches after the break!

33, 47, 60, 74
45, 59 (with flash)

45, 59 (no flash)

46, 58, 70 (no flash)

22, 35
22, 35 (*I included Purpura from the GA
Eyes to Kill Intense to show the difference!)

Texture of most of the pigments (pictured: #61)
Texture of the glittery pigments (ultimately a smooth finish, though!)--Pictured: #22

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