Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inglot Eyeshadows-Swatches

What can I say about these eyeshadows that hasn't already been said? They are gorgeous, pigmented, and SMOOOOOOTH (something like applying a powdery butter--if such a thing could exist). I originally planned to order only matte eyeshadows because that is the only type of finish that's really missing from my collection. However, once I got my first shipment of these, I KNEW I had to give the sparkles a try...and I'm so glad I did! Ordering these can be pretty fun (but watch out, it can be addictive). The cool thing about Inglots is the way you order with their "Freedom System":

1) You choose the eyeshadows you want and the cost is based on the number of shadows you choose. (1=$7; 3-9= $5; 10 or more = $4.50)

2) Then select a palette size (I would suggest selecting the largest one, which holds 20 shadows. Apparently, if you buy shadows, the palette gets discounted to $5, regardless of the original price; since the 20-palette price is $25, that's a $20 discount!!!)

The palettes themselves are cool because the cover is a frosted, see-through little number (something I wish MAC palettes had).

When you receive your order, the shadows come in individual, protected plastics and you arrange them in your palette to suit your desired organization.

The only "complaints" I have are that 1) It's hard to know which colors to order because the images on the website are not truly indicative of the real color, and 2) Regular shipping may take a while because they are getting way more orders than they anticipated and they weren't prepared to handle them. Hopefully, things have been resolved by now (and, in any case, they have PHENOMENAL customer service! They sent me the wrong palette and overnighted me the right one when I called about it!)

SO, because of the lack of information available on the Internet regarding their colors, I figured I would post my own in order to help out others;)...

361, 362, 366, 372, 371

379, 388, 384

46, 467, 488, 463, 26

60, 430, 05, 473, 495

Monday, April 25, 2011

Giorgio Armani-Eyes to Kill Excess

(symphony playing, angels singing) aaaaahhhh! I've found my HG mascara!!!!!!!!

Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill Excess does everything I could ever want/need! It all started when the MUA at Neiman's gave me a sample of this mascara. Now, usually, high-end mascara is the one thing I WON'T splurge for because of the short shelf life of mascara. But just ONE day of using the sample absolutely SOLD me-I HAD to buy it! I went to Nordstrom and purchased it for a whopping $30 (I know, not THAT expensive, but it is compared to its drugstore counterparts)…but it is SO worth it. Volume? Check! Separation of lashes? Check! Length? CHECK CHECK CHECK! This mascara really makes it look like I'm wearing false lashes (which is fortunate because I can NEVER get the falsies to work).

Seriously, I NEED this mascara in my life on a continuous basis, so I will likely be using my tube for an extra two months longer than normal, lol.


Product description from Armani website:
"In the darkest black, the exceptionally volumizing mascara arms the lashes instantly, accentuating the eye with more depth and intensity.

Instant Full Volume
Eyes to Kill Excess full volume mascara thickens and separates the lashes with a striking, long lasting, black wet finish. This clearly defined, denser lash fringe is the best weapon for daring volumizing lashes.

'Oversized' Brush
The secret to the Eyes to Kill Excess mascara wand lies in the combination of a unique formula and an oversized patented lash brush. This unique high precision, supple bristle weave design coats and texturizes each lash in less strokes.

Science Smart
The fusion of a Wax™ Complex and the new texturizing agents creates a fluid and creamy texture that glides onto the lashes and allows for an easy, homogeneous application.

Wax™ Complex contains a blend of hard and soft waxes to optimize the lashes with an instantaneous full volume impact. From the root to the tip, coating and grooming lash by lash, leaving them thickened yet flexible.

Black Lacquered
The refined ultra-black pigments render an appealing deep black lacquered effect for ‘drop dead’ eye seduction. To accentuate the Eyes to Kill Excess, the outer casing is in shiny black lacquer, engraved with the signature logo."

Cle de Peau Beaute-Extra Silky Lipstick #104

I've recently lost my mind when it comes to trying these high-end beauty lines! I guess I see it as a little guilty pleasure to reward myself for working so hard. This latest find was a bit unexpected, as I really wasn't looking for anything new…I just liked the way the display looked and it made me want to try it.

This lipstick looks like a smooth lipstick, with a light lipgloss finish (so smooth that it's almost like putting your favorite lip balm over your smoothest lipstick). The "smooth lip" feel lasts for around 3 hours before I want to reapply.

I'm not so sure the price makes sense ($52 at Neiman Marcus!) but I guess that will depend on how long the tube lasts me.

Key Ingredients (according to Neiman's website):
  • Moisture Wrapping Oil creates a moist, luxurious-looking luster.
  • Exclusive ClĂ© de Peau BeautĂ© advanced moisturizing ingredient Hydro-Wrap Complex.
  • Argan Tree Oil for smooth application and wear.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Giorgio Armani- Sheer Blush #10

I absolutely L.O.V.E. this blush! While it IS pricey ($43 at Nordstrom), just one soft swipe of it will make anyone fall in love, ignoring all reason. Even though it's expensive, the wear time and beautiful, sheer color make it so worth it.

I bought #10-Beige (it's a natural pink with micro-fine shimmer that just makes me gush every time I see it!)

(blended out on the left, thick swatch on the right)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Giorgio Armani "Eyes to Kill Intense" Shadows

Are they powders? Are they creams? I'll just call them "crowders"…or "preams";) These pigmented shadows are pure perfection. Though they cost a pretty penny ($32 each at Nordstrom), I honestly think they're worth it-so much so that I've invested in 8 of them! They last all day and just a light swipe with your finger delivers enough shadow for your lid, so the amount in the container is plenty.

I suppose the little stopper is there to keep the product pressed flat and in place.
It's a little annoying to have to remove it every time, but no biggie!

top: #13: Black, #4: Pulp Fiction, #16: Silver/Black Grey, #7: Sweet Fire,
bottom: #9: Rock Sand, #6: Khaki Pulse, #5: Gold Blitz, #10: Airy Jade

#13: Black, #4: Pulp Fiction, #16: Silver/Black Grey, #7: Sweet Fire

#9: Rock Sand, #6: Khaki Pulse, #5: Gold Blitz, #10: Airy Jade

#15 Black and Gold **NEW** (Sold out on the Armani website)

#8 Champagne **NEW**

#16: Silver/Black Grey

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Buxom "Stay There" Eyeshadows

I had never tried Buxom products before, but the display for the "Stay There" eyeshadows caught my eye the other day. After swatching the "Husky" color...I fell in LOVE! Right now I have 8 shades and I feel the need to collect at least three more! These things are not only beautiful, but they're COOL! I can't define them as powders or creams...they're almost more like sponges! They just add another dimension to my other makeup products.

Like I said, they feel like a little sponge when you touch them...and only a slightswipe of the shadow will pick up more than enough product. The only thing I'm not too sure about is what will happen once you get towards the bottom of the jar, as I can see it being a bit difficult to dig out the product...we shall see!

Top: Pug, Cocker Spaniel, Mutt, and Husky(***LOOOVE this)
Bottom: Schnauzer, Poodle, Collie, Golden Retriever (this is surprisingly unique)

Pug, Cocker Spaniel, Mutt, Husky, Schnauzer, Poodle, Collie, Golden Retriever

Okay, so I love these so much that I went back today and bought three more!

Top to Bottom: Saint Bernard, Bull Dog, Shih Tzu
Top to Bottom: Saint Bernard, Bull Dog, Shih Tzu

l to r: Saint Bernard, Bull Dog, Shih Tzu

Friday, April 8, 2011

MAC's "Quite Cute" Haul

Who says pastels aren't for darker skin? I'll admit, I almost fell for the opinion that many beauty insiders have about pastels and darker skin (they say it doesn't mix). BUT I'm so glad I listened to myself; I LOVE pastels, therefore, I can pretty much make them work because I will FEEL pretty in them. Now, I will agree that most of the "Quite Cute" collection seems geared toward the fair-skinned pretties, but there was plenty for me to buy. I really liked the green nail color, but I am not so sure I'll find a reason to wear it!

Play Time; Candy Yum-Yum

Play Time; Candy Yum-Yum

In Synch Lip pencil

l to r: Little Girl Type; Ice Cream Cake

Monday, April 4, 2011

The beginning of my obsession...

It's kind of interesting...back in 2002, I was 22 and had never worn makeup before. I took a trip to the mall with my BFFs and was talked into buying the MAC brushes along with two shadows (Shroom-not pictured- and Swish). It's CRAZY to 1) realize that I still have the original brushes and 2) compare my original purchase to my current makeup collection!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The First

I don't know what form this blog will ultimately take, but right now it is a "blog of necessity." I find myself constantly:
1) Buying colors that are VERY similar.
2) Buying the EXACT same product REPEATEDLY (LOL)
3) Sitting at my makeup table for ten minutes, trying to choose between colors.
4) Having a TON of unused products because I simply forget about them.

So, this blog (for right now, at least) will be a way to keep track of my collection and avoid the "EVIL EYE" of the people at Sephora and MAC when I have to return something;)