Monday, May 9, 2011

Solid Gold! (YSL Golden Gloss)

OOOOOHHHH-WEEE!!!! These babies are pretty!  At first I was skeptical about Yves Saint Laurent's Golden Glosses because I thought they were all gimmick.  They boast  a "high shine lip gloss with real 24-carat-gold flecks" and a "mirror-effect."  But I can say for certain: they were NOT all talk!  Not only do these go on smoothly, but they don't leave my lips dry.  On average, they last about 4-6 hours, which is pretty good for a gloss.  They have an incredibly high shine factor, but don't give that "oily-gloss" look.  And you really do see the tiny flecks of gold on your lips (but you don't feel them at all!).  I purchased #4 and #31 from for $30 each.  I will DEFINITELY be adding more to my collection soon.  
Top: #4 Golden Fushcia (*NEW)
Bottom: #31 Golden Toffee 
#31 Golden Toffee 
#4 Golden Fushcia 
Bare lips
#31 Golden Toffee 
#4 Golden Fushcia (this actually looks a little more "berry-like" in real life'")

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