Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aww, How Precious! (MAC's Semi-Precious collection)

I have FINALLY found time to swatch the items I picked from MAC's most recent collection.  Initially, I had only planned to pick up the lipstick "Gem of Roses," but when I swatched some of the other products, I fell in love with a couple of them.  

I bought 3 of the mineralized eyeshadows; the cool thing about these is that the marbled pattern on each shadow is different, so no two are the same!  At $20 each, these are on the more expensive side, but you get SO much more product.  Because of the price tag, though, I limited myself to only the shades I found NO dupe for. (BTW, as far as dupes go, a lot of people missed out on the sold out Golden Gaze color, but if you have the Armani Eyes to Kill Intense in #15, you're not missing anything;) )

I bought:
Clarity (light pink, off-white, green, gold, and black)
Blue Sheen (navy, black, and peach)
Dark Indulgence (forest green and black)

As far as lipsticks go, I HAD to get the gorgeous Gem of Roses (mid-tone strawberry pink)! ($14.50)

I bought two Cremesheen lipglasses  (I LOOOOOOVE the creamy smoothness of that formula): Geo Pink (strawberry pink) and Looks Like Sin (midtone reddish plum). ($18.50 each)

Last, but not least, I got a Mineralized blush in Feeling Flush (a marble of pink, deep blue, and soft brown) ($23) and the #235 Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush ($30).

**The following products from above are sold out online, so if you're interested in them, you may want to grab them at your nearest MAC location ASAP! : Feeling Flush, Gem of Roses, and Dark Indulgence.**

Dark Indulgence
Blue Sheen

See more pictures after the break!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Buxom "Stay There" Eyeshadows--LE 4 Piece Collection

A while back, I reviewed Buxom's "Stay There" Eyeshadows.  On a recent trip to Sephora, I saw that they had come up with a Limited Edition 4-Piece set.  I was kinda mad because these aren't being sold separately and the set includes "Mutt" (which I already have) but I couldn't resist the pink and blue colors!

The colors are:
*Whippet (ice gold)
Mutt (bronze taupe)
*Pekingese (sparkling ocean)--this color REALLY does sparkle!
*Terrier (blushing violet)--this seems very similar to MAC's Star Violet, but this color has a nicer, frosty/sparkly sheen to it and leans more to a lavender color.
*=Limited Edition

The price was pretty great-$42 ($68 value) so if you're interested in at least three of the colors, I would recommend getting them since the original colors are $17 each.  (Remember, these LE colors aren't available individually!) They also come in a cute black case that you could use to hold about 8 shadows if you remove the insert!

L to R: Pekingese, Mutt, Whippet, Terrier

After the break, see the swatches I did on the permanent colors:)