Makeup/Beauty Tips

I've picked up quite a few make up tips/warnings/tricks along the way as I visit different stores, websites, and videos.

**Don't pump your mascara wand**
This one was kinda surprising to me because I've ALWAYS seen women pump their wands when they use mascara!  It's practically part of the ritual of using mascara, lol.  But apparently the act of pumping the wand actually pumps air into your tube, making it clump and go bad faster (also leading to increased bacterial opportunities!)

**Always test foundation in natural light**
I can't count the number of times a makeup artist has suggested the "perfect" color for me in the store and I get home and look like a green/red/orange (depending on the error) monster!  The lights in the stores are great at making you look gorgeous, you just want to make sure you look JUST AS gorgeous in regular lighting (unless, of course, you have the same kind of spotlight following you around everywhere:)).

**Make your own lip exfoliator**
I got this idea from one of the message boards a long time ago: create your own lip exfoliator by mixing a small slice of your best chapstick (I used Nivea) and mix with regular sugar to make a paste.  Rub your lips together, then wipe clean with a paper towel.  Voila!