Monday, April 25, 2011

Giorgio Armani-Eyes to Kill Excess

(symphony playing, angels singing) aaaaahhhh! I've found my HG mascara!!!!!!!!

Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill Excess does everything I could ever want/need! It all started when the MUA at Neiman's gave me a sample of this mascara. Now, usually, high-end mascara is the one thing I WON'T splurge for because of the short shelf life of mascara. But just ONE day of using the sample absolutely SOLD me-I HAD to buy it! I went to Nordstrom and purchased it for a whopping $30 (I know, not THAT expensive, but it is compared to its drugstore counterparts)…but it is SO worth it. Volume? Check! Separation of lashes? Check! Length? CHECK CHECK CHECK! This mascara really makes it look like I'm wearing false lashes (which is fortunate because I can NEVER get the falsies to work).

Seriously, I NEED this mascara in my life on a continuous basis, so I will likely be using my tube for an extra two months longer than normal, lol.


Product description from Armani website:
"In the darkest black, the exceptionally volumizing mascara arms the lashes instantly, accentuating the eye with more depth and intensity.

Instant Full Volume
Eyes to Kill Excess full volume mascara thickens and separates the lashes with a striking, long lasting, black wet finish. This clearly defined, denser lash fringe is the best weapon for daring volumizing lashes.

'Oversized' Brush
The secret to the Eyes to Kill Excess mascara wand lies in the combination of a unique formula and an oversized patented lash brush. This unique high precision, supple bristle weave design coats and texturizes each lash in less strokes.

Science Smart
The fusion of a Wax™ Complex and the new texturizing agents creates a fluid and creamy texture that glides onto the lashes and allows for an easy, homogeneous application.

Wax™ Complex contains a blend of hard and soft waxes to optimize the lashes with an instantaneous full volume impact. From the root to the tip, coating and grooming lash by lash, leaving them thickened yet flexible.

Black Lacquered
The refined ultra-black pigments render an appealing deep black lacquered effect for ‘drop dead’ eye seduction. To accentuate the Eyes to Kill Excess, the outer casing is in shiny black lacquer, engraved with the signature logo."

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