Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inglot Eyeshadows-Swatches

What can I say about these eyeshadows that hasn't already been said? They are gorgeous, pigmented, and SMOOOOOOTH (something like applying a powdery butter--if such a thing could exist). I originally planned to order only matte eyeshadows because that is the only type of finish that's really missing from my collection. However, once I got my first shipment of these, I KNEW I had to give the sparkles a try...and I'm so glad I did! Ordering these can be pretty fun (but watch out, it can be addictive). The cool thing about Inglots is the way you order with their "Freedom System":

1) You choose the eyeshadows you want and the cost is based on the number of shadows you choose. (1=$7; 3-9= $5; 10 or more = $4.50)

2) Then select a palette size (I would suggest selecting the largest one, which holds 20 shadows. Apparently, if you buy shadows, the palette gets discounted to $5, regardless of the original price; since the 20-palette price is $25, that's a $20 discount!!!)

The palettes themselves are cool because the cover is a frosted, see-through little number (something I wish MAC palettes had).

When you receive your order, the shadows come in individual, protected plastics and you arrange them in your palette to suit your desired organization.

The only "complaints" I have are that 1) It's hard to know which colors to order because the images on the website are not truly indicative of the real color, and 2) Regular shipping may take a while because they are getting way more orders than they anticipated and they weren't prepared to handle them. Hopefully, things have been resolved by now (and, in any case, they have PHENOMENAL customer service! They sent me the wrong palette and overnighted me the right one when I called about it!)

SO, because of the lack of information available on the Internet regarding their colors, I figured I would post my own in order to help out others;)...

361, 362, 366, 372, 371

379, 388, 384

46, 467, 488, 463, 26

60, 430, 05, 473, 495

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