Sunday, January 8, 2012

"It Takes Two" (Inglot Lip Duos)

Going along with my latest series of Inglot purchases, it's time for a product I haven't seen anywhere before (at least not with THIS level of quality!).  These duos come in a clear block; one half contains a long-lasting lip paint and the other half has a similarly pigmented gloss (basically one-off the paint color with shimmer).  One thing to watch is that when the block is in a warm environment, the paint can get a little "goopy" so be careful when dipping your finger/brush into it so that you don't take too much product.  The way the MUA explained it, the paint gives a nice, rich color and then you can use the gloss to "punch it up" if you want more "OOMPH."

Each duo costs $14 and I think they are WELL worth the price!  Feel free to ask for more information:)

#15, #17, #19, #24
The top part is the gloss, the bottom part is the paint.

Click for swatches after the break

From L to R: #15, #17, #19, #24
The top row shows the gloss
The middle row shows the lip paint
The bottom row shows the two combined

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