Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Roll" OUT!

I travel a lot for work, so I was trying to come up with a way to keep my brushes spread out but NOT lose them.  I "googled" all day long and couldn't find a container to suit my needs...that's how THIS idea was born:

This has been a life-saver for me.  I don't risk losing my brushes and, just as importantly, I can actually SEE all of them so they get more usage.

Items needed to create the roll:
-any bamboo-style dinner mat with enough space to weave the elastic (I bought several of them from Bed Bath & Beyond for $2) 
-elastic (purchased from a craft store)

*I have been asked if I would consider making some for people who would like to purchase them.  I would be willing to do so.  Please leave a comment if you'd be interested.  Or you can e-mail me at and we can discuss the terms.*

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