Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Lines! (Stila's "Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner")

So, I've been getting into liners later, and any pretty colors (plus good quality) will catch my eye.  I decided to try Stila's new "Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye" eyeliners.  One thing I do like about these is the intense sparkle effect; they definitely pack a lot of punch!  Also, the applicator offers good application control AND they are waterproof! (Because these are so glitter-heavy, I would suggest tapping the line across your lid, near the lash-line, as opposed to dragging it across.)

*vs. MUFE's new Aqua Liners: Since these came out around the same time as the MUFE liners, I figured I might compare the quality of the two.  (Price-wise, these are $1 cheaper: $22 at Sephora).  There are only 8 colors (compared to MUFE's 15 Aqua Liners).  Although these are very beautifully pigmented, I did have to do two layers to REALLY get a strong effect.  They also don't last as long as the MUFE liners (perhaps because they are a bit more sparkly and, therefore, are more subject to crumbling).  I MUST SAY, though, that they don't last as LONG as MUFE's but they do last all day! (When put to my "sleep with it on my hand test" the Stila liners failed where the MUFE's didn't…but how many people REALLY need to sleep with eyeliner on?  

After buying about 5 of the MUFE liners, I only found one Stila that was different enough to purchase: Curacao (sparkling Violet blue)

Left: Thick/Thin line-one coat;
Right: Thick/Thin line-two coats

After my "overnight" test

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