Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Magically Cool-icious" (MAC's Magically Cool Liquid Powder)

Magically Cool Liquid Powder-Honey Rose
Soooo…I skipped the "Magically Cool Liquid Powder" from MAC when it first came out in the Venomous Villains collection because the MUA said it was "just a gimmick."  Seriously, I didn't even swatch it!

But this time around, I guess I was just in the mood to buy something so I tried out the new color they have, "Honey Rose."  It can be used as a highlighter or an all-over powder.  According to the MAC website:

"You've longed for it and now it's captured: M·A·C Magically Cool Liquid Powder. This feather-light silky powder goes on with the refreshing impact of an ocean mist. What's more, this magical melange contains just enough optical blurring via its light-diffusing pigments to 
render skin's surface into line-softened, natural luminosity. How magical is that?"

So how does it measure up to its claims?

-"impact of an ocean mist": Absolutely!  When using a soft, duo-fiber brush to dust it lightly across your skin, it really feels like a wet spray from an ocean wave! (seriously, you'll have to keep looking at it to reassure  yourself that it's NOT water! LOL)
-"line-softened, natural luminosity": I definitely agree that it has a blurring effect that makes the imperfections in your skin fade away.

In addition, the effect lasts (for me, about 8 hours today!)…now THAT alone makes it worth it for me!

It is moderately priced at $29.50 (pretty normal for MAC specialty blush/powders).

Bottom line: it does what it says and it feels good doing it!

Before using the powder (please excuse my "end of the day" skin! LOL)
With a quick sweep of the powder

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